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Displaying your Locks and Keys

Every collector will want to work out his individual display. For small numbers of locks, mounting on a felt background in a picture frame can be very attractive. In most cases, the number of locks collected will soon swamp any such system. It's probably best to plan for your obsession to take over all available space, and then some. The simplest way to display larger numbers is to use pegboard, and hang your locks on hooks. In extreme cases, even this method fails; locks cannot all be displayed, and must be stored in cabinets with many drawers.

Doug pulls off a 1st prize winning display.


"....okay then, how about this small, inexpensive lock in the corner?"

A lock maker's signature always adds to a display.

There are many ways to make a great display.

Slaymaker 1930 Hardware store displays.

Slaymaker store display.

Bottom center is 1904 Saint Louis World Fair. The 2nd from the right is a Diana story lock made by Russell & Erwin.

Top row, 4th from left is a L&N RR, Postin Co.

Assorted combination locks.

Miniatures in the top 4 rows.